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Dr. Maria Montessori

Physician, Educator, Innovator

Dr. Maria Montessori began to work with a group of sixty young children of working parents in a poor district of Rome. This is where she founded the first Casa dei Bambini or Children’s House. Based upon her scientific observations she developed the Montessori Method of education.


She observed their ability to absorb knowledge from their surroundings, as well as their high interest in manipulating materials. Every piece of equipment exercise and method she developed was based on what she observed children do naturally, by themselves unassisted by adults.


She discovered the importance of early learning. Children absorb what they learn during their Sensitive Periods. During this time between birth and the age of 6, children are able to acquire specific skills with an ease that will never be duplicated in later life.  During this time children have a passion for discovering new things. Children feel better, stronger and calmer once their inner urges of discovery are met. The Montessori environment allows children to fulfill their inner urges of discovery.

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