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Primary/Kindergarten Program

Lectura's approach to educating primary and kindergarten children is developed from Dr. Maria Montessori's principle to cultivate a level of independence, responsibility, respect, and love of learning in the child. The curriculum at Lectura is unique in its approach to education because it blends various teaching techniques to enrich each child's school experience.

Primary Program (3-6 years)

Lectura's approach to educating primary

Children in our primary program can expect to develop skills in the following areas:

  • Practical Life

  • Sensorial 

  • Mathematics

  • Language Immersion (Spanish)

  • Geography/Social Studies

  • History

  • Science

  • Creative Art

  • Music and Movement


We place an emphasis on providing an environment that encourages young learners to become fluent readers in English and Spanish. They naturally work within all of the areas of the Montessori curriculum and programs while speaking Spanish.

Exposición a Español

Exposure to Spanish

Our students have in-depth exposure to spoken Spanish throughout their daily activities. Spanish terms are used during simple everyday tasks like identifying and putting on shoes and jackets; transitioning from one activity to another, during toileting exercises, line time, and outdoor recess. Repeatative exposure to many of the same Spanish word and phrases increases their knowledge and understanding of the language. Having early exposure to the Spanish language prepares them for our preschool environment where they engage with the spoken and written Spanish curriculum. 



Gabriela Mistral Community

Lectura offers programs for children ages 3 to 6. The classrooms are comprised of mixed groups following the Montessori philosophy.


Practical Life/Everyday Living Program

Help children care for themselves and their environment.


Sensorial Program

Refine sensory experiences and their ability to observe, compare, discriminate (visually, auditorily, tactilely, gustatorily, and olfactorily), reason, decide, and problem solve.


Language Program

Develop reading and writing readiness that lead to reading and writing in English and Spanish (auditory, visual, and motor preparation, whole language, and phonics).


Math Program

Develop exactness, concreteness, logic, reasoning, problem solving, and decision making.  Children progress from a concrete to an abstract understanding of quantity and symbols.


Science Program

Develop active scientific investigation, experimentation, and discovery.


Social Studies/Geography Program

Learn about the physical and cultural world and to appreciate its diversity.


Art Program

Develop visual creativity of children through exploration of various art and craft media.


Music and Movement Program

Distinguish rhythm, pitch, timbre, intensity, form, cultural origination of music and fine and gross motor skills.


Daily Schedule

Lectura Montessori promotes a balanced daily educational routine for our students. Our daily schedule provides an environment that exposes students to both Spanish and English languages daily. This method allows our students exposure to both languages developing bi-lingual learners. Fluent Spanish is spoken during our morning session and English in the afternoon.


By immersing these languages into our daily program, the students native language is nurtured and non-native language speakers are developed.

Daily Program
Summer Programs
June through August
Extracurricular Activities*
Times Vary
Extensive Reading Program in Spanish and English
P.M. Extended Day
A.M. Extended Day
Full Day

*Activities include art instruction, yoga, piano lessons and more.

Primary/Kinder-garten Program Tuition

In an effort to maintain a quality eductional program and the

financial stability of Lectura Montessori School, we require all

enrolling families to complete the entire ten-month school

year per our Parent Contract Agreement. Families that enroll

mid-year are required to complete the duration of the

academic school year.


Tuition payments are assessed as one annual fee or ten monthly



All tuition payments are due the first day of every month. Late

payments will be assessed a fee.

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