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Toddler Program

The toddler program at Lectura Montessori focuses on helping children in their first experiences away from home. We understand that transitioning from a home environment can be a delicate matter. Both the child and parent must feel comfortable with their choice of program, teaching staff,  and transitional methods.

Lower Toddler Program (15 mos -  2 yrs)
Upper Toddler Program (2 yrs -  3 yrs)

Our Montessori certified staff helps your child develop independence and concentration through basic life skills. The teacher-student ratio in the lower toddler class room environment is 1:5 and 1:8 in upper toddler classroom. The low teacher-child ratios assure your child will receive the attention they deserve. Once the child develops their independence we then transition them into our preschool classroom environment.

Exposición al español

Exposure to Spanish

Our students have in-depth exposure to spoken Spanish throughout their daily activities. Spanish terms are used during simple everyday tasks like identifying and putting on shoes and jackets; transitioning from one activity to another, during toileting exercises, line time, and outdoor recess. Repeatative exposure to many of the same Spanish word and phrases increases their knowledge and understanding of the language. Having early exposure to the Spanish language prepares them for our preschool environment where they engage with the spoken and written Spanish curriculum. 


Learning Environment

Amelia Earhart Communities

Our toddler community provides a small group Montessori experience to children aged 15 months to 3 years. The classroom accommodates a child teacher ratio of 1:5 (Lower Toddler Program) and 1:8 (Upper Toddler Program). In this setting the children come to feel the classroom is their own peaceful, special space where they play a meaningful role in their own care and the care of their classroom environment.

Their classroom environment is carefully prepared to meet the unique needs of this age. All furniture is a size that promotes independence and the toddler materials are designed to invite the children.


Social interaction with other children, development of language skills, care of oneself and the environment, food preparation, music and movement activities are integral to the Montessori toddler experience.


Through careful observation of the children, the teacher is able to link each child to whatever aspect of the environment will enhance the child's physical, psychological and social development at any given time. The teacher is always looking out for the "sensitive periods" when the child demonstrates an almost obsessive interest in a particular activity that is essential to his or her growth.


The adults in the environment are the children’s models. They conduct themselves in the way they expect the children to conduct themselves. Children at this age learn not only through individual lessons and independent practice, but also through their attention to what the adults in their lives do.


An open, supportive relationship between teachers and parents is essential to providing optimal conditions for the toddler in the Montessori classroom. Daily communication, formal conferences and parent education classes contribute to an atmosphere in which each child can realize his or her full potential. 

Toddler Program Tuition

In an effort to maintain a quality eductional program and the

financial stability of Lectura Montessori School, we require all

enrolling families to complete the entire ten-month school

year per our Parent Contract Agreement. Families that enroll

mid-year are required to complete the duration of the

academic school year.


Tuition payments are assessed as one annual fee or ten monthly



All tuition payments are due the first day of every month. Late

payments will be assessed a fee.

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